2010 Finished Objects

All links are to Ravelry project pages.

Citron (cream, blues)
Romi (for Maegan)
Ms. Clarke (for Kim)
Monkeys (for Ashley)
Felicity (blue)
Minimalist Cardgian (for Alison)
Irish Hiking Hat (for Sterling)
Leyburn Socks (for Lesley)
Mock Cable Socks (for Alison)
Maddox (for Dylan)
Jayne Hats (for Dan)
Campus Scarf (for Jeff)
Joukahainen (for Matt)
Baby Surprise Jacket (for Ivy)
Traveling Woman (reds)
Damson (for Holly, for Kel, for Me)
Botanic (for Cody)
Winning Waves (for Sarah)
Honey Cowl (for Sam)
Stripey Mitts (for Shavon)
Anna Karinina (for Lisa)
Anastasia Socks (for Danielle)
Plain and Simple Pullover (for Me)
Cursoe Socks (for Veronica)

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