2009 Finished Objects

Having moved to a much cooler climate at the tail end of 2008, 2009 featured an explosion in the number of completed knitting projects. All links go directly to Ravelry. I stopped writing true FO posts in mid-2009. Anyone who cared about the technical details is on Rav, anyway.

Odessa (For Leah)
Foliage (Given to charity)
Baby Blueberry Cardigan (for Stephen)
Textured Shawl (for Sherrie, for Deb)
Van Dyke Socks (for Alison)
Jaywalkers (for me)
Amanda hat (Orange, Blue/Brown)
Lace Ribbons (for Alison)
Gooseberry Cardigan (for Maegan)
Celestine (Blues)
Sproingy Socks (for Beth)
Topaz (for Charis)
Hemlock Ring (for Mary)
Ishbel (for Leona, for Karen, for Jocelyn)
Icarus (for Esther, for Gloria)
Tuscany (for Lori)
Steeler’s Scarf (for Nicole)
Shalom (for me)
Garter Yoke Baby Cardi (for Zak’s daughter)
February Lady Sweater (for me, eventually frogged)
Quilted Diamonds Hat (purple)
Darkside Cowl (purple)
Little Sister’s Dress (for Izzy, for Charis)
Waving Chevron Scarf (for Maegan)
Pebble (for Izzy)
Placket Neck Pullover (for Vera)
Lilac Leaf Shawl (for Beth)
Quincy (for me)
Andromeda (for Lucy, for Trisha)
Nanner Socks (for Beth)

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